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Frank & Gerard Fan Fiction

Frank + Gerard = Sex
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Welcome to the FrankxGerard community. This community is for posting and reading fan fiction featuring the pairing of Gerard Way and Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance.

We would greatly appreciate it if you read the rules below before making any posts in the community.

Be respectful, be open-minded, be creative and help out your fellow fan, and we will all get along together. ♥
mcrficbetas - For budding fanfic writers looking for a beta for their work.

frerard_finder - A resource for all Frank/Gerard fan-fiction.
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Last revised: July 2009


1. Betas are not compulsory but are highly recommended, especially if you are writing your first fic. If you don't have a beta, you can go to mcrficbetas and post with your fic details. A beta will reply if they are interested. If you don't get a reply, you can try find_me_a_beta.

2. All stories must be written with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. It is fine if you want to use slang in the dialogue, but they must be properly written and lines such as, "OMFG he's so hot!!!" and text speak such as "Rly? I luv u 2!" are not acceptable. The narrative must be written in proper English, and failure to do so deems your post unacceptable and it will be rejected, with a comment recommending that you enlist the help of a beta. However, once you have had a beta proofread your story, then you are more than welcome to resubmit your story to be posted.

3. All stories must be posted with the following information and in the following format:
Title: Name of the fic
Author: ljusername
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, Ray/Bob, Mikey/Alicia etc
Rating: NC17, R, PG13, G
Warning: Violence, drug use, non-consensual sex, incest, character death, cutting, adult themes, language, sex, etc
Disclaimer: I don't own them etc.
Summary: A brief explanation about the story

(Your story under an LJ-cut.)

For the HTML coding, please select and copy all the text in the box below:

Stories must be posted using the HTML tab on LiveJournal's update page. If you do not know how to do this, go here for detailed instructions and images showing you exactly how to post. We strongly recommend you practice on your own personal LJ first before attempting to post it in the comm, as posting here incorrectly will just cause some unnecessary drama and possibly subject you to some unpleasant comments from unhappy members.

Any posts which do not comply with the required posting format will be rejected with a request that you fix the problem and resubmit.

4. Your story info MUST contain the following warnings if your story contains any of these subject matters as they may be triggers for some readers: non-consensual sex, dubious consent, rape, adultery, cheating, polyamory, violence, drug use, incest, cutting, self harm.

5. All stories must be posted with a proper summary. Summaries do not need to be long and detailed. A sentence or two briefly outlining the premise of your story is all that we need. Summaries such as, "I don't know. Just read it. It's great lol."/"just read it and find out"/"frerard cuteness" are not acceptable and will result in your post being rejected by the maintainers. If you're unsure of what to write for your summary, then you can enlist the help of your beta.

6. If you have a lot of chapters to your stories, then post the chapter links horizontally outside a cut or vertically behind a cut. This is designed to save people's Friends Pages.

7. All stories must be posted behind a cut. Even if it's a 100 word drabble, it must be behind a cut. Any post that fails to do this will be deleted. If you do not know how to post behind a cut, then refer to the How To Post instructions. If you are still unsure of how to post using an LJ-cut, then we strongly recommend that you pratice on your own LJ before posting in any community that requires one. Once you have mastered using an LJ-cut, then you are welcome to resubmit your story for posting.

8. Use the default font/text colour/size only when you post. Please do not change the font, text colour or text size to the standard one used by LJ. This is to make it as easy as possible for members to read and view your story, and using a fancy font, a different colour and a smaller or larger font will just make it harder and/or annoying for the reader. For those who use Rich Text Editor to post, please ensure that all font is set to size SMALL.

9. It is inevitable that the band's real life partners will make it into fanfic and that's fine. However, their real life children are to be in no way included in any story. If they must have children, then create an original fictional character with a completely different name. It's what writers in this fandom have been doing for years, and there is no reason to stop. Plus, the guys have made it clear how uncomfortable they feel having slash stories written about them. Let's not make it even creepier than it already is.

10. Warnings are a must. If there is any subject matter that is not PG13 in your story, then you must put it into your warnings. This includes warnings regarding incest, non-consensual sex, cutting, eating disorders, character death, etc. This is so that readers can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to read your story, based on content that may be sensitive to some. Members are welcome to PM the mods if they have any complaints regarding insufficient warnings in a story. Writers will be given three hours to fix their warnings, after which the post will be deleted if the problem has not been rectified. However, if a post has had to be deleted, the writers are more than welcome to re-post their story with the warnings fixed.

11. There is to be no screening or deleting of comments. Everyone here is entitled to have their opinion, and no one will be silenced. For writers, please ensure that your Comment Screening option is set to the Journal Default before posting. Be warned that deleting any one else's comment may get you banned from this community. We believe in free speech, and everyone's opinion is valid.

That being said, personal attacks and abusive comments will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and may result in the person getting banned. If you don't like what you've just read, then leave a respectful comment giving constructive criticism. As readers, we are not only here to be entertained by fanfic, but to also help writers grow and develop their craft. Some writers who post here will be new to the whole experience of writing and posting fanfic, and they do not need to be bombarded with abusive comments that won't be of any constructive help to them as writers in the long run. For writers, if you feel that someone has personally attacked you, then please message the mods and we will investigate.

Please be respectful towards each other, and we will all get along without drama.

12. All stories must be Frank/Gerard-centric or feature Frank/Gerard as one of the main pairings. This is, after all, a Frank/Gerard community.

13. Posting is now moderated. This is for quality control purposes. Hopefully, this measure will minimise the chances of a post making it on the community with a failed LJ-cut and stop badly written stories from being posted in the community altogether. Hopefully, this will mean that our writers will no longer be subjected to unpleasant comments and drama from irritated members.

14. Off topic posts are not allowed. This is a slash community, so only fiction and slash art are acceptable. Please note that any artwork must be completely behind a cut, no matter what the size.

15. If you wish to make a post advertising your slash/RP comm, then please put the entire advertisement under a cut.